Pet Care

Healthy Dog Treats as Rewards


When it comes to dog training austin, there is a right and wrong way to train your do. We are here to teach you guys the right way. There are about 6 rules that you need to follow. Most of these are brought to you by the pros themselves.

  1. You have to be consistent. Be this way in everything you do and say. If there is one specific command you intend to use, than stick with it. If there’s a pattern, than do not break it. Dogs tend to respond more actively to some sort of pattern. If you mix it up, you will juts be confusing them.
  2. When it comes to the commands, you should only have to give them once, maybe two at the most. If you do them over and over, your dog is going to begin ignoring you for various reasons.
  3. Always give out a reward for your dog following something very well. This can be in the form of a treat or ear massage. Show some sign of encouragement. Animals respond very well to encouragement.
  4. Never give out some rule or command unless you know for sure your dog will understand it. Too many owners have done this in the past and have gotten nowhere. If your dog is not going to understand something you are saying, you need to find out why.
  5. You should have a leash on you at all times, even if your dog is not on one at the moment. You will need it in case he walks off for a while. You can’t always control what you are dog will do in an open field. Sometimes they break loose and enjoy their rooming time. You will need to bring them back though.
  6. Always be happy around your dog, even when he or she puts you in a fowl mood. Dogs respond very deeply to intense sounds. If you are moody and angry, especially when giving out orders, they will pick on this. Your dog might be like as mall child, but there is one small difference. Your child is your child, not your friend. Your dog is your friend. Please be respectful of him during and after training. If you are the opposite, this might prevent them from going through the training successfully.


When it comes to giving out treats for dog training, please keep in mind your dog’s diet. Each treat is going to add calories. Please be weary of which treats are going to be healthier for your dog, versus the ones which are not.