Keep Your Hardwood Floor Looking Like New

Keep Your Hardwood Floor Looking Like New

Maintaining your hardwood floors can keep them shining with a like-new luster for a long time to come- even by following steps as simple as calling your local houston dog groomers to keep Fido’s nails trimmed so they don’t scratch anything. If you’ve recently had hardwood floors installed, you can follow a few simple strategies for keeping their beauty.

1. Use Rugs

Strategically placed rugs can extend the newness of your hardwood. Place rugs and runners in areas of high traffic to protect those areas from scuffs, scratches, and dings. Using rugs and runners to protect your floor can help keep your hardwood shining like new.

2. Protect from Heat and Humidity

Ideally, you’ll want to keep your hardwood out of direct sunlight. The sun’s rays will age natural hardwood much faster than if the floors are kept out of the sunlight. Also, keep an eye on the humidity in your home. Humidity of over 55% can lead to rapid deterioration and aging of your hardwood floors. Keeping your hardwood out of sunlight and humidity will help preserve it.

3. Clean Your Hardwood

Hardwood should be cleaned a few times per week or as needed. Dust mops work great on hardwood, as does sweeping or vacuuming. Don’t apply abrasive solvents or products to your hardwood, such as ammonia, bleach, detergents, or acidic cleaners. Proper cleansing with gentle products will keep your hardwood looking like new.

4. Use Furniture Feet Pads

Couches, television stands, and tables should all use furniture feet pads to protect your hardwood from scratches as furniture slips over the floors. Protecting hardwood from furniture feet will help keep it looking like new.

Flooring can be quite the expense, and over time, general maintenance can be expected. Occasional buffing, sanding, resealing, and touch-up will likely be needed in the life of your hardwood. By taking a few precautionary measures, however, you can keep your hardwood floors looking like new for a long time.

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